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Egypt with Nile Cruise

Egypt: Sacred Encounter
January 16-27, 2024
Prof Rikk Watts and Bronwyn Spilsbury
A Regent College Travel Course.
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Egypt: Sacred Encounter

with Professor Rikk Watts and Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

Come, see the wisdom and wonder of enchanting Egypt! Experience history and mystery in this land of fabled power and glory. This land where the Bible comes to life: in tall bulrushes near the river, mud brick buildings, and palaces on the shore. Eat delicious food, mark footprints on desert sand, and pray in peace where baby Jesus found sanctuary. Egypt waits for you!

There’s so much to take in, with teaching and an expert guide! Learn the geography and sequence of kingdoms, funeral rituals and the pattern of Nile floods. Discover that Cleopatra’s world was closer to our time than to when pyramids were built! Who built the pyramids, anyway? Not Moses and his tribe – the pyramids were there long before them.

We’ll sail in a lovely riverboat and travel by land in comfort on a journey designed for safety and beauty. We’ll enter temples and tombs dedicated to pharaohs long ago, through them perceiving the ancient quest for a land beyond time where rivers brim with living water, where only the purest of heart may enter. How pure? Hearts as light as a feather! See their sacred art, story and theology etched in high relief on stately pillars. Compare it with the Bible’s teaching of the living God, and Christ’s divine image.

Sunrise to sunset, there’s much to absorb, and we’ll do it in vibrant community with thoughtful teaching from Prof. Rikk Watts, drawing lines of faith, history and hope as we go. 

Have you dreamed of standing before the Great Pyramids and gazing on the Sphinx? Now’s your chance!  From river to desert, from exuberant parties to solitude, this is a journey to be entered body and soul – and we will never be the same!

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Egypt with Nile Cruise

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