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Amazing Grace in Amazing Greece
November 3-14, 2023
small boutique group-unique opportunity
substitute to postponed Israel
When a door closes, find the open window & climb in!
All welcome, don't miss it!

Amazing Grace in Amazing Greece

Follow the Light in the Footsteps of Paul

Mythology, Mission & Message 

Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury & Professor Paul Spilsbury

Our journey has changed from a Holy Land Pilgrimage to traversing Greece, where Light spread when persecution hit the shores of Israel. As it was in the days of Apostle Paul, so it is today. 

Come, join us in a Pilgrimage of Grace, as we experience the transformation offered in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In His name divisions melt, Greek culture is moulded into something radically new, and the purpose of the Kingdom of Heaven begins to be revealed on foreign shores.

We will read Scripture, explore hillside monasteries and sparkling islands, ancient cities and bustling communities. Come, experience history and be transformed by mystery. Realize your own vital part in God’s story, and sing of Amazing Grace! 

Registration is open. Time is short! Sign up. When a door closes, a window opens! Climb in.


“Greece has been called the cradle of Western Civilization. The place of captivating myths, stirring oratory, mind-stretching philosophical exploration of the meaning of human existence and the universe in which we live. It’s the land where grace broke through, altering the course of Western Civilization through one of history’s greatest minds, the Apostle Paul, intellectual giant alongside Plato and Aristotle.

In ancient Greece Paul powerfully articulated the Gospel of Jesus, founding communities of women and men centred in Jesus, to whom he wrote some of his most amazing letters about amazing grace.

We will have the privilege of walking and sitting in the places where the Message met the Myth. In Athens, in Corinth. Then, sailing off the coast of Greece to Asia Minor, where the Message won hearts in places like Ephesus, and where the Message Himself met the Apostle John on the island of Patmos. What an opportunity of a life-time!”

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