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Greece and Aegean Islands

Amazing Greece - Amazing Grace
Sept 3-16, 2022
Prof. Darrell & Sharon Johnson with Bronwyn
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Postponed from 2021

Amazing Greece – Amazing Grace

Mythology, Mission, Message 
A travel course hosted by Regent College, open to all

Led by Darrell & Sharon Johnson and Bronwyn Spilsbury

Ah, Greece! The cradle of Western Civilization, as is often argued. The place of captivating myths, of stirring oratory, of mind-stretching philosophical exploration of the meaning of human existence and the universe in which we live. And the land where grace broke through, altering the course of Western Civilization through the ministry of one of history’s greatest minds, through the teaching and writing of the Apostle Paul, intellectual giant alongside Plato and Aristotle. It was in ancient Greece that Paul powerfully articulated the Gospel of Jesus, founding communities of women and men centred in Jesus, and to whom he wrote some of his most amazing letters about amazing grace. We will have the privilege of walking and sitting in the places where the Message met the Myth. In Athens, in Thessalonica, in Corinth. Then, sailing off the coast of Greece to Asia Minor, where the Message won hearts in places like Ephesus, and where the Message Himself met the Apostle John on the island of Patmos. What an opportunity of a life-time!

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Greece and Aegean Islands

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