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Mythology, Mystery and Mission
 Sept 7-21, 2019

Amazing Greece!

Why did the Greeks believe in mythological gods? How do they relate to our understanding of faith? What was Paul’s mission and message when he took the gospel straight from Israel to the shining shores of  Greek islands and mainland, where eager ears heard his teaching and stony hearts rejected it. Some accepted his words, and so the gospel spread – and we follow its trail!

This journey includes unusual journeys, both along the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, and into the heartland of ancient Greece: up Mount Olympus and into Delphi. We visit the sturdy, precariously mounted monasteries at Meteora. We walk nature trails where seeds of faith fell like flowers and took root. We enter Athens and witness where Paul preached on Mars Hill, at the seat of Judgement and learning, and see the pantheon, where every god but the true one was honoured! 

Come and be part of this spectacular journey. Then, end with a 4-day Aegean cruise. Rich with history and meaning, we experience the wonder of Santorini and Mykonos for beauty, of Rhodes and Crete for history, of Patmos and of Ephesus, for theology. God has a place and message for you, specially prepared, among the wonders. 

Join Pastor Shawn Hubert and Director/Pastoral Host Bronwyn Spilsbury following the faith and footsteps of Paul, sailing in the light of truth among the Greek isles. It’s a wonderful pilgrimage! 

He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.” Philippians 1:6

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