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Introduction to Islamic Culture in Israel

Saturday Seminar, June 26
10:00 am-12:00 pm PDT

Dr. Yossi Paz & Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury

Guest: Mr. Issa Jaber, Muslim leader

Entrance by donation.

What might you learn about Muslim life in the Holy Land?

  • Dr. Yossi Paz – Archeologist-Lecturer
  • Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury – Journey Director
  • Mr. Issa Jaber – Muslim Kadi, Educator & Mayor of Emmaus


Israel is the homeland of the world’s 3 monotheistic religions. After rockets and retaliation, disunity and destruction, we gather to learn firsthand: what’s life like in the Holy Land, between Muslims, Jews and Christians?

Mr. Issa Jaber, a leader in the Islamic community shares his experience. Issa lives in Abu Ghosh, also called Emmaus. Here, long ago, Jesus revealed His resurrected presence to seekers.

Dr. Yossi Paz, a secular Jewish leader, anthropologist, and top Israeli guide, who has exceptional relations beyond traditional boundaries, teaches the background, and engages in dialogue with Issa. 

Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury tie thoughts and threads together, as we read Scripture and discover the Living God in the divided land of monotheism.

Saturday, June 26
10:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT
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See you at the heart of modern history and ancient mystery.




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Introduction to Islamic Culture in Israel

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