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Israel & Palestine, optional Jordan

"Come Away With Me..."
October 24-November 3, 2024
Holy Land, with Jordan option: Nov. 3-6
Rev. Mark & Eileen Jones
with Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury
All Welcome!

“Come away with Me …”

A pilgrimage with Rev. Mark and Eileen Jones
with many coming from Northern Ireland. All are welcome to join!

Israel, with an optional Jordan extension

The journey of faith stretches beyond words on a page, beyond intellect and fine preaching, even beyond practical friendship and loving care. The journey is about following Jesus. It’s a pilgrim way that leads to hope, healing, rest, restoration, strength, surprise! All this comes in the presence of Jesus. 

And Jesus says, “Come away with me to a quiet place…” (Mark 6:31).

One marvellous way to encounter the presence of Jesus afresh is to journey on a pilgrimage of heart, mind and strength to where the Bible happened: the Holy Land. Come on this adventure of faith, with Pastor Mark and Eileen! They can’t wait to return with you where Jesus met them powerfully, to share and show, to come away together with Him. 

See what Jesus saw (yes, the rocks, water, hills, meadows, thorns, thistles, birds of the air, temple platform with not one stone upon another – it’s all there, just like He said!) Go where disciples ate, slept, fished, first heard His teaching. Read Scripture on the Mount of Beatitudes. Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. Watch and wonder in the desert, where the dry dust makes you question how they survived! Walk ancient streets, where soldiers and shoppers still jostle, like in the time of Christ. Rejoice, sing, oh be glad in His presence, by an empty tomb!

This is a journey of encounter and enrichment. You’ll return better than before! All are welcome!

The extension to Jordan, another biblical land, is an optional extra afterwards. Camel ride? Jeeps in the sand dunes? Petra? Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Land of Promise from afar… It’s all there. Along with sage tea shared with tribe leaders in a bedouin tent like Abraham may have dwelt in, and Paul may have crafted.

Ask for more information. Click below and Come away with Jesus to the Holy Land, and forever after.


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Israel & Palestine, optional Jordan

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