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Israel & Egypt

Blessed Assurance
Holy Lands Apologetics Journey
August 31-September 13, 2025
Apologist Jojo Ruba
Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury
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Blessed Assurance: Holy Land Apologetics Journey

with Jojo Ruba and Bronwyn Spilsbury
August 31 – September 13, 2025


This journey focuses on Biblical truth in the world of the Bible. Whether on the shores of Galilee or the Temple Mount, in deserts or mountains, each unique site brings home the historical reality of Jesus, the LORD Himself among us, and how trustworthy Scripture is.

While we sometimes feel Christianity is under assault, several high-profile, non-Christian thinkers have recently shown how much our modern world—East and West—owes to the Gospel. As one eminent historian put it: “the Gospel unleashed the most extraordinary revolution humanity has ever seen.”

Our aim is to encourage and strengthen your understanding of and love for Him, your confidence in the trustworthiness of the Gospels and relevance of all Scripture, and your appreciation for the staggering impact of their message. Our hope is to equip you to share your faith with confidence, and above all, that you will find yourself encountering Jesus anew.

Jojo Ruba, established and sought-after apologist, will demonstrate, with visible facts, how believers can be confident in the truth of the Bible and grow in deeper understanding of their faith.

Short bio:
Jojo Ruba has led and taught in Israel and Egypt, and eagerly looks forward to sharing its historic highlights with our group. Bronwyn Spilsbury is an experienced director of Bible Land journeys, taking several groups each year to explore and experience the reality of God with us, in the lands where He first revealed eternal light and life. Come and See!


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Israel & Egypt

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