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Israel & Palestine

After God's Own Heart

In the Footsteps of David and Jesus

October 18-29, 2025
Scriptures, Stories, Songs!
Mark Buchanan, Brian Doerksen, Bronwyn Spilsbury
All Welcome!

After God’s Own Heart: in the Footsteps of David and Jesus

Experience the Holy Land with Story and Song.
October 18-29, 2025
Mark Buchanan, Brian Doerksen, Yossi Paz, Bronwyn Spilsbury


A journey like no other – use all your senses to explore the world of David and Jesus. Experience the land that shaped them both – and the heart of God that guided them.

With unique music and powerful storytelling, with pauses, prayers, and praise, we will walk and ride through many places described in the Bible, places of infinite history and incalculable destiny.

Enter Bethlehem, where Samuel anointed a shepherd boy. See Elah’s riverbed – site of the giant showdown with Goliath. Visit Ziklag, place of triumph. Walk to desert hideout caves and streams in Ein Gedi, where David hid from Saul and refrained from harming him. Go to Hebron – here David was crowned. Here Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Leah are buried.

Stay by the Sea of Galilee and sail in a boat like the one Jesus travelled in. Sing over the waves! Visit Capernaum, site of many miracles, and  “touch the hem of His robe.” Climb a sycamore tree, like Zaccheus! Walk the hills where Jesus ran as a child, and see where Mary met the Angel Gabriel. Will you enter a carpenter’s workshop? 

Explore the Holy City of Jerusalem. Here David danced the ark into the city, set up his throne, lived, loved, raised a family, and was buried. Here Jesus taught in the Temple, was cheered by crowds, betrayed, denied, and crucified on a cross – and here He rose again! Walk with them and understand so much more. 

Come, join the journey, where the arts will open our hearts. So we too may become “people after God’s own heart.” Be blessed, register soon! Click below to get on the list.


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