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Apostles, Artists, Pilgrims & Prayers
 Mar 31 – Apr 14, 2019

Apostles, Artists, Pilgrims & Prayers


Rich with layers of Christian faith, Italy is a fascinating, startlingly beautiful place to explore our faith. Join us on this fabulous journey! Bronwyn co-leads with Pastor Ian Trigg from Foothills Alliance Church, Calgary. 

God has been at work in Italy for ages:

  • Starting from the time of Apostles Peter and Paul in Rome, including the catacombs.
  • to Artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci from Florence –  their art shaped our vision of God.
  • through Pilgrim saints like Francis and Claire of Assisi whose lives reflect an ideal way to live.
  • and the Prayers of the ages shine like the waters of Venice – including our prayers, as we retreat. 

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There are two registrations: first for the actual travel in Italy and second for your air ticket to get there.

  1. For Land Travel: You may download and print the Registration Form, or you can register online (use code Foothills19)
  2. For Air Travel: [email protected] (use code Foothills19).

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