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Jordan & Israel

Holy Land Study Tour
May 2-16, 2022
Pastor Clyde & Jillian Glass
Southview Alliance Church

Holy Land Study Tour

Pathway of Promise

Journey to Jordan and Israel with Southview Church, from Calgary, led by Pastor Clyde Glass

Be blessed as you study! Walk with your Bible as wide open as your eyes. Journey with your journal as ready as your heart! Watch them fill with wonder, love and praise. This journey follows the chronological path of God’s people from Egypt, through the desert, into Jordan, and finally entering the Promised Land. 

Everywhere we go we will encounter Scriptural promises and warnings, insights and revelations. We will understand why God worked as He did. We will enter the suffering of God’s only Son, Jesus, who died to make the ultimate promise come true: life everlasting, free from sin and death. 

Would you come with us? As you prepare, think: what promises has God given you? What will you ask Him for, as you travel? Choose today who you will follow! Make a covenant of hope, love and faith that says you won’t turn back. Then get ready for a journey of promise, a path of light. We promise! 

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Jordan & Israel

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